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Elevate your brand visibility with our top-notch promotional item services, where innovative and personalized products become powerful ambassadors for your business.


Make a long-lasting impression on clients and customers with practical promo products. From pens and water bottles to keychains and USB sticks (and so much more!), Truwear has a variety of promotional products and gifts that you can customize according to your needs. If you give us a budget, we will give ample options to choose from to guarantee employee or client satisfaction.

Promo Items?  NO Problem.
Competitive Pricing
Discover unbeatable value with our competitively priced promotional items. We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, ensuring your promotional efforts yield maximum impact while staying within budget.
Unique Options
Distinguish your brand with our diverse selection of unique promotional items. From quirky novelties to practical essentials, our wide range ensures you find the perfect item that aligns with your brand message. Stand out and leave a lasting impression with our extensive and distinctive promotional offerings.
Trending Items
Stay ahead of the curve with our on-trend promotional items, setting your brand apart from the competition. From the latest innovations to contemporary designs, our offerings ensure you make a lasting impression by aligning with current trends.
Employee Gift Ideas
Show appreciation to your team with our promotional items that double as excellent employee gifts. From practical essentials to thoughtful novelties, our selection ensures you can choose items that align with your company culture and leave a positive and lasting impact on your valued employees.
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Our company swag just got a Truwear makeover – and it's epic! All of our new promo products are not your run-of-the-mill branded junk. Now we have some seriously on point swag. Truwear has mastered the art of turning branded throw aways into coveted must-haves. I actually want to wear our gear now!
Clay S.

Our company gear has never looked (or felt) better. We were pretty used to our team shirts being low-quality, scratchy, and cheap but Truwear changed all that. Working with their team, we were able to change over to their high quality activewear shirts, joggers, and bags. The swag we can now offer makes a world of difference when signing new employees. 

Nathan Y.

Their innovative approach and attention to detail took our swag to the next level. Now, it's not just about branding; it's a showcase of what we represent and the level of quality we give our clients and employees. Truwear transformed ordinary items into extraordinary swag.

Kyle G.
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Brayden C.


Truwear is our go-to for everything – manufacturing, webstore development, custom swag packs, and personalized brand creation. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence shine through in every aspect. Our brand has never looked so good. Five stars, no doubt!

David A.


Truwear Services is a game-changer for any brand. Their manufacturing team turns dreams into tangible products, the webstore they built for us is exactly what we wanted, and our custom swag packs are a hit! They really care about your vision and want to help you succeed. Totally recommend.

Seth R.


Truwear takes custom swag to a whole new level! Our swag packs are a hit, and the attention to detail is mind-blowing. They truly have the magic touch when it comes to creating personalized brand experiences. Our employees love our new gear.

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Unique High Quality Promotional Items Your Team Will Love