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Optimize your supply chain efficiency with our shared inventory services, ensuring seamless management and accessibility to meet the dynamic demands of your business.


By partnering with Truwear, you will gain access to our curated range of premium products that are consistently in line with the latest trends. Our seamless integration feature enables you to effortlessly showcase our inventory on your website, eliminating the need to invest in large quantities of stock or concern yourself with warehousing. This shared inventory system facilitates on-demand orders and streamlines the process of creating personalized products for your brand.

We Take On the Inventory So You Don’t Have To.
One-Off Orders
Enjoy the convenience of shared inventory, empowering you to place hassle-free one-off orders. Our seamless system ensures accessibility, making customization easy and efficient for individual preferences and unique requirements.
Low Up-Front Cost
Experience cost-efficiency with shared inventory, enabling low upfront costs for easy access to a diverse range of products. Our streamlined approach ensures financial flexibility while still offering a variety of options tailored to your needs.
On-Trend Expertise
Harness the power of shared inventory to tap into our on-trend expertise. Companies can effortlessly stay ahead of the curve, accessing the latest and most fashionable items without the hassle. Elevate your offerings with ease and style.
Wide Product Range
Unlock a world of possibilities with shared inventory, granting companies access to a broader spectrum of products. Diversify your offerings effortlessly, meeting various needs and preferences without the complexities of managing extensive individual inventories.
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Truwear's shared inventory has been key to to our small business! We're able to offer premium on-trend products without over spending on inventory. The seamless website integration is a dream. We deliver in-demand products and personalize them effortlessly with Truwear.
Levi H.
Shared inventory was a game-changer for us. We don't have to waste our funds on inventory we don't need. We can offer MORE options for less this way and Truwear helped us every step of the way. Saved us!
Sarah D.
Because of Truwear's shared inventory we were able to maximize our product options without maxing out our budget. Now we can offer a broad range of products, our website is more built out, and our repeat customer stats are higher than ever.
Luke R.
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Seth R.


Truwear takes custom swag to a whole new level! Our swag packs are a hit, and the attention to detail is mind-blowing. They truly have the magic touch when it comes to creating personalized brand experiences. Our employees love our new gear.

David A.


Truwear Services is a game-changer for any brand. Their manufacturing team turns dreams into tangible products, the webstore they built for us is exactly what we wanted, and our custom swag packs are a hit! They really care about your vision and want to help you succeed. Totally recommend.

Brayden C.


Truwear is our go-to for everything – manufacturing, webstore development, custom swag packs, and personalized brand creation. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence shine through in every aspect. Our brand has never looked so good. Five stars, no doubt!


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